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Teenage parties - A fantastic alternative to the oh so boring goody bags!!!  At a teenage birthday jewellery party, guests will learn how to make a necklace, bracelet and earrings using basic beaded jewellery-making stringing techniques.  All guests will take home what they've created at the party. This is a fun and hands-on activity promoting creativity and coordination.  The parties could take place in your own home or a party venue of your choice.
The basic cost for a 1.5hr session is £40 plus £12.50 per child, all materials included.
Adult parties - Conversation won't be the only thing sparkling as your friends create the jewellery they've been craving.
Host a Mani Design adult jewellery making party - because it's fun!  Take a fresh, unique approach to your next girly get together, mummy's meeting, or Girl's Night Out!  Mani Design supplies everything it takes to create enviable custom jewellery at your event.

Sales parties - Jewellery sales parties are a fun way of having family, colleagues and friends together for a fabulous time perusing and trying on stunning handmade jewellery.  As a hostess you will receive a jewellery gift along with a special discount on your own purchases.  The best part of it is that your guests get to take home their items.  No waiting for delivery unless bespoke orders are placed.  Please contact us for further information.